I believe there is nothing more elemental and sacred than welcoming new life into this world. It is a gift, a transformation and a rite of passage. Child rearing is circular—an ebb and flow. We are constantly learning, evolving and embracing ourselves.

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Preparing to become a parent is life’s greatest adventure. It can be simultaneously exhausting and exhilarating. I’m here to help make that journey as seamless as possible. Working one-on-one with parents and families, I will share secrets from decades of care taking: what to expect, how to prepare your home, nutrition and wellness, communication skills and integrating rest and relaxation.

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$120 for the first appointment
$90 a session afterward


Parenting does not end at the third trimester. I will introduce you to the entire spectrum of child rearing—before, during and after the birth. We will explore the realties of each phase and identify tools and strategies for being the best parents we can be. It truly takes a village, and I am honored to be a member of your tribe. 

+ Services & Pricing

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As you embrace your new role as a parent, you join a collective community of caretakers who have come before you. We all have fears, hopes and expectations, and none of us are perfect. Together we will create a roadmap that aligns with your vision, filling your toolbox with critical skills to help you navigate this new territory.

+ Services & Pricing

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