Colleen worked with our family for five months. We were first-time parents and wanted an experienced caregiver to help us navigate our way into parenthood. We’ve interviewed several care givers and found it hard to find someone with the right balance of professionalism, warmth, and good fit for our family. Colleen was absolutely a perfect combination of these.

She has amazing patience, empathy and deeply care about our baby and the health of our family as a whole. She is a great listener, a dedicated helper and a true professional. She knew when and how to give us guidance so it’ll be well-received. She really was a part of the family.

She made our journey into parenthood blissful. Colleen is an amazing guide for new parents. She provides an exceptional balance of emotional and practical support and enables you as new parents to be your best selves.



Colleen was highly recommended by another night doula that we had reached out to. We were adjusting to being new parents and wanted to get sleep during the night. Colleen gave great tips on how to alleviate fussiness and kept our daughter calm throughout the night—she was very helpful, kind, calming, knowledgeable, understanding and respectful.

Our daughter slept peacefully with Colleen and has now continued to sleep well after Colleen’s leave! You will absolutely love the calming and helpful nature that Colleen brings to your home. We would trust her with newborn parents any day!



Colleen was recommended by a talented local acupuncturist in women’s health. We contacted Colleen because of our sleep deficit and having learned what an incredible resource she was for all things baby development.

She was an incredible problem solver and came at each issue thoroughly and with heart. She exuded a calming and wise presence for us all. Both of my children felt at peace in Colleen’s care. She also deeply supported my capacity to rest in the newborn months, and kept our home in thoughtful order as she went.

You’ve hit the jackpot if you’ve an opportunity to work with Colleen—she’s a humble teacher, but full of insight, and everyone in your family who interacts with her will be the better for it.



My acupuncturist was concerned that I wasn’t sleeping enough and could use a better night's rest. What she didn’t know is that my husband was also not getting enough sleep and Colleen could help him too. I wasn’t sure what it would feel like to have a non-relative and someone I didn’t know sleeping in our apartment and entering our bedroom with our baby. Colleen easily blended in with our family and it felt very comfortable to have her presence in our apartment.

Colleen is warm, non-judgmental and super helpful. She took good care of us, even during a stressful health-scare. She helped us eat a lot more veggies! And, she added a lot more ease and calm into our house. I absolutely love Colleen. She's incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and reliable. I referred her to a friend and they loved her too.